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HD-40 Hydraulic Filling (Filler) Machine

HD-40 Hydraulic Filling (Filler) Machine
HD-40 Hydraulic Filling (Filler) Machine
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HD-40 Hydraulic Filling (Filler) Machine

Sausage and Salami Filler

Sausage, salami, etc. in small businesses and laboratories. used for filling the products into artificial and natural intestines.

* It is completely made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel.

* Buttons are IP 65 and resistant to water and dust.

* Aluminum piston.

* Hydraulic pusher system.

* It can work together by connecting to our automatic hamburger and meatball form machines with communication cable.

* Speed ​​control system.

* Knee joystick with adjustable angle and position.

* For Anti-drip automatic piston back motion.

* Motor protection thermal relay connection.

* It is produced in accordance with CE standards.

* Easy to clean and hygienic.

* 3 filling pipes (20, 30 caliber and sausage funnel)